SiPoint Rewards & Referral Program

How to Access and Use Your SiPoints?

Step 1: Log into your SiBio account at the account page.

Step 2: After logging in, look for the blue pop-up window with a "Gift-Box Icon" at the left-bottom corner of the page.

On Your Cellphone:

On Your Laptop/Tablets:

Step 3: After clicking on the pop-up, you will see your SiPoints balance on the top and look for the "Ways to Redeem" section to get your rewards.

Step 4: You can click on "Ways to Earn" to explore more ways to earn SiPoints by interacting with us on social media platforms.

How to Share Referral Link to Your Friends and Earn Reward?

Step 1: Follow the same Step 1 and 2 from above.

Step 2: Scroll down to find the Refer section (as shown below).

Step 3: Copy the Referral Link and send to your friends, or directly share through your social media platforms by clicking on the icons.

Step 4: Refer your friends and earn 500 SiPoints (worth €5) when each new friend makes a purchase.






Detailed Rules of SiPoint Rewards and Referral Program

SiPoint Rewards

How to Earn SiPoints:

  1. Make a Purchase: Earn 5 SiPoints for every €1 spent.
  2. Sign-up your SiBio account: Get 500 SiPoints.
  3. Connect with us on Social Media:
    • Follow on Instagram: 150 SiPoints
    • Follow on Twitter: 150 SiPoints
    • Share on Facebook: 250 SiPoints
    • Like on Facebook: 100 SiPoints
    • (You can see these options in the "ways to earn" section in the “SiPoint Rewards” pop-up at the bottom-left corner, opening respective social media windows to earn points)
  4. Birthday Gifts: Receive 1000 SiPoints.

How to Use SiPoints:

  1. Redemption Rules:
    • Redeem any amount Gift Card: 100 SiPoints = €1
      • Individual card limit: €50
      • For example, use 2800 SiPoints to redeem a €28 Gift Card
  2. Gift Card Usage Rules:
    • Gift cards can be used with other discounts.
    • Multiple gift cards can be used together.
      • For example, redeem a €5 Gift Card and a €3 Gift Card, and use both at checkout to get a total discount of €8.
    • Redeemed SiPoints cannot be reclaimed.

    Gift Card Expiry:

    1. Gift cards do not expire. You can check your remaining gift cards anytime in the "Rewards" pop-up.

    Check Your SiPoint Balance:

    1. Click on the "SiPoint Rewards" button at the bottom left on website.
    2. The pop-up will display the SiPoint balance and expiration date.

    View Your Past SiPoint Activity:

    1. Click on "Your activity" at the bottom of the pop-up to view past SiPoints activities.

    SiPoints Expiry:

    1. Your SiPoints will not expire and you can continue to enjoy your rewards whenever you come back.


      Referral Program

      Refer Rewards:

      1. You can share your Refer Code to friends to earn 500 SiPoints for each new friend makes a purchase.
      2. Examples:
        1. Kevin shares the Refer Code to York via email or social media.
        2. York, using the Refer Code, gets a €5 discount on orders over €50.
        3. After a successful order by York, Kevin gets 500 SiPoints in his account.
        4. Kevin can share the Refer Code with multiple friends, earning 500 SiPoints each time when a friend uses it.

      How to Share Refer Code:

      1. In the "SiPoint Rewards" button, find the Refer section.
      2. Copy and send the referral link or share it on social media.