About SiBio

Established in 2022, SiBio is a pioneering startup that focuses on the research, development and commercialization of AI-enhanced bio-integrated wearable systems. Driven by a mission to empower individuals to decipher their body's hidden intricacies, and enhance metabolic health, the company is rapidly emerging as a leader in the field of biometric monitoring wearable. As a significant milestone, SiBio proudly introduced the world's first (Continuous Ketone Monitoring) CKM system in September 2023.

The SiBio KS1 CKM Story

Many individuals adopt a ketogenic diet to lose weight, or for other health-related reasons. However, accurately and easily determining whether they’re in nutritional ketosis can be challenging. In response to this challenge, SiBio had worked closely with a team of leading nutritionists, diet experts, and weight loss coaches to develop an innovative continuous ketone monitoring system solution.

By wearing a minimally invasive sensor that continuously tracks their interstitial fluid ketone levels, and transmits the ketone readings to the CKM app, users can conveniently see their ketosis status and fat-burning efficiency in real time. This enables individuals to ascertain whether they’ve entered ketosis, and fine-tune their dietary and fitness choices for optimized weight management results.