Why Keto not Working? Five Obstacles to Weight Loss

Why Keto not Working? Five Obstacles to Weight Loss

The ketogenic diet is not the only diet but one of the multiple diets for weight loss. Some dieters always believe that the effect of the ketogenic diet is inferior to that of their dieting. Countless facts have proved that the effect of the ketogenic diet on weight loss is pretty good. However, common mistakes in the ketogenic diet may also lead to weight gain. There are five issues that should be noted to try the ketogenic diet. As long as these are met, fat loss will be quickly achieved.

The "sugar-free" you believe is not really sugar-free

There are diet Coke, diet Sprite, or low-carb chocolate in people's daily life, which are delicious foods and drinks for those on a ketogenic diet. We have found that they still have adverse effects on the entry of the ketogenic state and weight loss. Relevant studies show that the feedback signals from the pancreas islet are strong after the intake of some diet foods. Although these foods may only reduce the weight loss effect for some dieters as few net carbohydrates are detected therein, they may cause quite unfavorable consequences for those with diabetes mellitus. Therefore, in order to improve the weight loss effect, please recognize genuine sugar-free foods and stay away from them appropriately.


Calories are still an important indicator

Calories are an important indicator that should be noted while on a ketogenic diet. The investigation report of the ketogenic diet shows that most people have experienced the same feeling, that is, the ketogenic diet can make them feel full. Those with experience of overeating in the past should note that it is wrong to take another ketogenic meal just because one ketogenic meal does not make them feel full. Calories, the indicator, is particularly important at this moment. Avoiding a large calorie intake is still an important link in the ketogenic diet.


The intake of excessive proteins is not recommended

Protein is an important part of the ketogenic diet, the proportion of which is also worthy of attention. In any case, the proportion of fat in calorie intake should be controlled to exceed 65%. Some scholars believe that the proteins in calorie intake should reach a proportion of 50% in the ketogenic diet. However, most experiments and practical cases have shown that the effect of the ketogenic diet will be much better when the proportion of fat in calorie intake is controlled to exceed 65%.


Excessive drinking is not a good habit

Excessive drinking is generally considered a bad habit, which will also tarnish the personal image. Moreover, excessive drinking may reduce sleep quality, develop the so-called "beer belly", and slow down the metabolism of the human body.


We should not be indifferent to our ketone level

Compared with other weight loss diets, the ketogenic diet is special and fantastic. Why is it considered special? It has an indicator that is not available in other diets, that is, ketone level. The fat-burning rate will be higher at a certain ketone level. The intake of some hidden carbohydrates may lead to a decline in the ketone level.

SiBio CKM is recommended here. It is not only worn without any feeling but also can display the ketone level in a real-time manner, which is very convenient for those on a ketogenic diet. Compared with the measurement of fingertip blood ketone, it will bring a wonderful experience. As SiBio CKM supports data transmission via Bluetooth in a real-time manner, the ketone level can be viewed on a mobile phone. Accordingly, the effect of the ketogenic diet can be grasped whenever and wherever. The intake of hidden carbohydrates can be reflected through data so that some actions can be taken to raise the ketone level again.