Unlock Your Metabolism

Optimize your ketogenic diet, exercise and weight management with personalized and real-time ketone insights.

Get Real-time Metabolic Insights

Decipher your body's unique metabolic patterns with real-time ketone level and fat-burning rate. Accurate and reliable ketone level readings reflect how a certain food impacts your metabolism. The KS1 CKM is the ultimate metabolic health partner for you to make evidence-based dietary choices and lifestyle adjustments.


Track Ketone Fluctuations Easily

With the SiBio CKM app, you can effortlessly monitor your ketone level fluctuations throughout the day. Track your highest / lowest ketone levels, and the factors that affect them. This intuitive app also displays the amount of time that you spend in the optimal ketosis range.

Export Ketone Data Seamlesssly

The SiBio CKM app lets you export your ketone data seamlessly. This feature offers detailed information about your ketone level measurements, providing deep insights into your metabolic state.