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SiBio KS1: The World's First True Ketone Sensor

Get Ketosis with a single button | 14 Days Uninterrupted Usage | APP Tracking in Real-Time | Personalized Ketogenic | Increase Energy Level | 

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Secure Ketosis in Real-time Up to 14 Days Per Sensor

14 days of Continuous blood ketone monitoring, all in real-time, no need for blood recalibration 

Use with Any Activity

KS1 is waterproof and sweatproof this mean you can have it  users can check if they are ketogenic at any time and anywhere

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SiBio生酮检测仪 100mbps无字幕.2022-11-17 15_46_48.gif

Most Accurate Readings

Compare to body fluid and breathing, KS1
tracks directly with your skin for the most accurate readings. So you can better adjust your diet and get a digital, personalized ketogenic fat loss experience.

Affordable than Any Other Tracking Method

The best results are achieved by keeping your ketone levels in the optimal fat-burning range.

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